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Summer Bird Watching in Hot Springs


If you love bird watching, you will thoroughly enjoy all the species that spend time on the feeders at our Hot Springs bed and breakfast. We have several bird feeders throughout the gardens with a special blend of food designed to attract some of the most interesting Arkansas songbirds.

Many species hang out year-round on our property, including the beautiful cardinals. However, when the seasons change, so do most of our birds. Right now, summer birds are active and many of the species are easy to identify.

Some of the most colorful and interesting birds we’ve seen lately include:

  • Ruby throated and rufous hummingbirds
  • Rose-breasted Grosbeak, passing through on the journey North
  • Eastern Bluebirds
  • Red Headed, Red Breasted and Downy Woodpeckers
  • Purple Finch
  • Mockingbirds

If you love bird watching, start planning your getaway to our Hot Springs bed and breakfast! Although you will have the opportunity to view breathtaking birds at the parks and gardens around town, our Inn has the best bird watching in Hot Springs!

Birds on a birdfeeder

You will enjoy watching the beautiful birds from the dining room during our complimentary gourmet breakfast. For viewing directly from the comfort of your own room, each of our rooms has a view of at least one of the feeders. You can also spend time in one of our rockers on the private patio or balcony of your room. Where ever you choose to sit, you will have a great view of our beautiful birds.

For the best bird watching in Hot Springs, make reservations online or give us a call at 501.525.6155. We will fill you in on all the great places to birdwatch!