Fresh Cuisine at our Hot Springs Inn

Upon arrival, guests are warmly greeted by the unparalleled hospitality of Lookout Point Innkeepers.  After a sound sleep, awaken to the scent of freshly brewed Lookout Point custom blend coffee. Guests savor the hearty breakfasts featured each morning: from Lemon Ricotta Pancakes to Asparagas and Greek Frittatas.

Our outstanding staff prepares our cuisine using only the freshest ingredients (including herbs from Lookout Point gardens). Savor a hearty and freshly prepared breakfast, accompanied by Lookout Point’s special blend coffee.

Enjoy your breakfast in the beautiful dining room at your own individual table, on the patio by the melodious waterfall, or delivered on trays to your room.

Breakfast is served from 8-9:30 am, with freshly brewed coffee available at 7:00am.


Berry smoothie for breakfast at our Hot Springs inn

Daily Reception

From 4-5:30pm every day, guests are treated to our Port Wine and Fine Cheese Reception. With an array of hand-selected cheeses such as smoked Gouda, sharp Irish Cheddar, or a sense jolting Mango ‘Fire’ Cheddar paired with the perfect compliment of jalapeno jams, perfect crackers and fresh fruit – just the right amount of fine bites to hold you until you head out to dinner.  Along with Taylor Port Wine and Ice Tea, you will find an array of fabulous chocolate truffles or chocolate covered strawberries to round out your pre-dinner nosh.

For dinner, Hot Springs boasts a fine variety of restaurants, and the innkeepers will gladly assist with reservations and recommendations.

Thank you to all of the amazing guests and our truly phenomenal staff who helped make this recognition possible!

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