Grand 25th Anniversary, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

Film goers will be celebrating in high style as celebrities descend upon Hot Springs October 7-16!  Join Louis Gossett Jr, Beau Bridges, Barry Bostwick, Ed Asner for amazing documentaries and festivities.  Seriously! The Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (HSDFF) is the oldest non-fiction festival in North America and an Academy-qualifying festival in the category of … Read More

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2012

One of the delights of living in or visiting  Hot Springs in October is the annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. This year the Festival had some challenges from a spring storm that damaged the historic Malco Theatre, where the festival takes place. But the Festival lives on and will be a fun and exciting … Read More

Fabulous Documentary Films, Hot Springs Oct 25-24, 2010

One of the really cool events every October in Hot Springs is the 10 day Documentary Film Festival at the historic Maalco Theatre. Film buffs from all over the world come to enjoy the 90+ screenings, and to meet the producers and directors during Q&A time. During the 10 days, we take every opportunity to … Read More