National Cookie Month Celebrated at Hot Springs B&B

Chocolate Chip Cookies (favorite). Monster Cookies. Zucchini Cookies. Vanilla Sugar Cookies. White Chocolate Cherry Cookies. Peanut Butter Cookies. Double Chocolate Cookies. OH, MY! We are baking cookies this month in honor of National Cookie Month!

As a child I was the cookie maker in the family, and to this day I LOVE to make cookies. When my children were young,  every birthday featured a giant homemade chocolate chip cookie instead of cake. Now, I enjoy spending the afternoon with my grandchildren creating  cookies from scratch.

The tradition is celebrated at the Inn by serving delicious cookies baked in our kitchen to our guests.  Every afternoon guests enjoy our Innkeeper’s Reception, and with cookies often served. This past week I attended a wedding conference in Las Vegas, and a small package of dry chocolate chip cookies in the room had a price tag of $10!! Seriously?

Since October is National Cookie Month, we will be celebrating by serving special homemade cookies often throughout the month. And of course at our Hot Springs bed & breakfast, you’ll have freshly baked cookies, without a price tag!

Please join with us in celebrating National Cookie Month. Go ahead and reserve your room online, and we’ll save a cookie for you.