Our Top Five Favorite Restaurants in Hot Springs

At Lookout Point,  we provide comprehensive pampering and concierge services. Which means that we make dining suggestions every day. Fortunately, Hot Springs enjoys a multitude of really good restaurants!

Here’s our FAVORITE FIVE and WHY we love them:

1. Luna Bella. Fabulous food, artfully and freshly prepared by a top-notch chef, in a lovely setting. Added bonus: very convenient and close to Lookout Point.  Type of food: Italian American Fusion. Try: pear endive salad or buttery scallops.

2. Bohemia. Described as continental cuisine, and located north of the historic downtown in a funky building. Chef/owner really cares about his food. Try: Petit Jean lamb (local).

3. Central Park Fusion. Located in the historic downtown, featuring world class dining. Type of food: fusion from around the globe. Try: one of their steaks. Note: nice decor but can get quite loud on busy nights.

4. Rolando’s. Downtown. Check out their outdoor dining option, tucked into the side of a mountain, with live music in the evenings. Type of food: nuevo Latino. Try: the cubano platter.

5. J & S Italian Villa. Great views of the lake from this friendly restaurant. Bonus: piano bar with live entertainment, plus it’s close to the inn. Type of food: Italian. Try: chicken verona.

Of course, we’ll be delighted to make reservations for you when you are enjoying a great stay at our Hot Springs B&B/ inn!