Culinary Class for Innkeepers at Rockefeller Institute

Lookout Point innkeepers Ray, Annette, and Kristie are attending the statewide Bed and Breakfast Association of Arkansas Conference 2010, kicking off with a lively cooking class.  Held at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute high atop Petit Jean Mountain, the center provides a state of the art culinary and meeting facility.    The institute chefs demo’d Deconstructed Eggs Benedict, Roesti (a potato dish from Sweden), candied bacon, and breakfast parfait using baked oatmeal.    The eager innkeepers then gathered in the cooking lab to test our hands at the dishes.  The noise level soared, with 25 chefs seeking pots, preferred knives, and of course different spices to add our own take on the recipes.

And then we tasted the creations…yum!  We’ll definintely be adding Deconstructed Eggs Benedict to the Lookout Point menus.  Ray conquered his hollandaise fears!  And Annette’s Candied Bacon tasted divine.