More Fishing at Lookout Point in Hot Springs!

Coffee in hand, two fishing rods, bucket of fresh worms, and a small pond filled with fish—what more could a fisherman want early in the morning?  Fishing at Lookout Pointprize catchRaymond caught at least a dozen bream (or blue gill, as I’ve been informed).    He was heading home to provide a fish cookout for friends this evening.  Thank you for thinning out the lake fish from our pond!  12 down, over 100 to go.

Our gardener, Pat, tells us that he’s actually seen a bass, at least 16 inches long, in the pond.  Who knew???

So, you’re welcome to bring your rod and reel, and fish the lazy way at Lookout Point.  Catch & release (into Lake Hamilton) OR take ’em home.   When Ray & I created a luxury inn with lots of amenities, we did  not know just how many amenities Lookout Point Lakeside Inn would actually include!  Ha…