Lakeside Inn Welcomes Duck family in Hot Springs

Each day for the past few weeks, Mama Duck and her ducklings arrive at the inn for breakfast and dinner, feeding under the bird feeders.   Often during breakfast service, our guests enjoy the show as the Mama leads her brood up the property to the bird feeders.  After a fine feast, the little family moves on to the pond and waterfalls where they swim, drink, and sometimes nap on the rocks.  We’ve enjoyed watching this family grow from such tiny ducklings!

Welcome to Lookout Point Lakeside Inn!

Although the mama is camera shy, the ducklings have been photographed by many guests.   Our “resident” ducks, Lucy, Ricky and Fred (who claim Lookout Point Lakeside Inn as their home every spring-fall) have not produced any offspring this year to date.  However during a recent outdoor wedding in the gardens, the trio came to the wedding and decided to attempt the mating process about 15 feet away from the bride & groom.  The 3rd duck, sqwuacked so loudly that we needed to pause the wedding and simply laugh.    One guest proclaimed the duck scene to be “a good omen for your marriage”.