Why stay at a bed & breakfast/inn? Thoughts from Hot Springs, Arkansas

View from Lookout Point guest roomsRecently, Ray & I stayed in a major (upper end) hotel for a wonderful conference.  As dedicated inn-goers, we have not stayed in a big hotel in recent years.  What a shock!  In this economy, resistance to the rates at the inn are true concerns that we hear.  However, check out this comparison of Lookout Point Lakeside Inn and the major hotel.

Upon arrival at midnight, we entered the lobby and our ears were nearly shattered with the noise of 3,000 teenagers shouting throughout the atrium of this 24 story hotel.  Lookout Point:  quiet.

Hotel Parking:  $27 per day                   Lookout Point:Complimentary

Wireless internet:  $12.95/day PER computer   Lookout Point:  Free

Drinking Glasses:  $3.75 for two (there was no glassware, only styrofoam!)                                      Lookout Point:  Free

Bottled Water:  $6/bottle           Lookout Point:  complimentary

Coffee:  $4/cup                               Lookout Point:  of course, free

Snacks:  $9/ea & up                      Lookout Point:  complimentary

Soft drink: $3.50                           Lookout Point:  free

Bellman:  $5 each time               Lookout Point:  free

Wine per glass:  $10-15              Lookout Point:  free at Innkeeper’s Reception

Breakfast:  $20 per person       Lookout Point:  Gourmet and complimentary, of course.  It’s part of the inn experience!

In-room movie:  $15                  Lookout Point:  complimentary movies

These additional add-ons can easily run beyond $124 per DAY!  Holy cow!  And the hotel’s daily rate was comparable to Lookout Point’s lower priced rooms (this was the negotiated conference rate).  Rack rate was higher than our rooms.

Comparing room rates between an inn and a hotel is like comparing dogs and camels.  It’s not the same animal!  At inns, including ours, everything except lunch & dinner is included:  great breakfast, beach towels, canoe, movies, snack bar with soft drinks, Innkeeper’s Reception with wine & cheese & dessert, bottled water in the room.  In addition, the beds are dressed with great linens including fitted sheets.  (It just irks me in a hotel to have the sheet pull out because the hotel didn’t bother to use fitted sheets on the mattress.)  Plus the towels are fluffy and always in great condition.

As you travel, consider treating yourself to a great stay at an inn or bed & breakfast:  you get a LOT of pampering for your hard earned dollars!

If you have stories to share of your own experiences of the differences between hotels and inn/b&b’s I’d love to see your comments posted here.  Thanks!

Kristie Rosset