Lakeside Garden Wedding in Hot Springs

Josh & Amy Roy, labyrinthCongratulations to Josh & Amy!  Vows were exchanged at the water’s edge on Lake Hamilton, with Amy looking beautiful in a stunning gown, and Josh dapper with a gorgeous tie. 

When they went out to dinner following the wedding & reception, we encouraged Amy & Josh to wear their wedding clothes to the restaurant.  They discovered how thoughtful and nice strangers are to newlyweds.  At the restaurant, parking spots were hard to find, so Josh was letting Amy out at the door while he searched.  Once folks saw this beautiful bride getting out of the car, they offered to move their car so Josh could have the prime spot.   While dining, other people sent roses to their table in congratulations.  Another reminder that Hot Springs is a cool town, and every wedding is a time to celebrate.

Thank you, Josh & Amy, for allowing your friends at Lookout Point to share in this special day! 

Kristie Rosset

photo by Kelley Rosset