Wed at Lookout Point, Now 5th Anniversary!

Doug & Donna, of Little Rock, were married 5 years ago at Lookout Point in this very same spot–in front of the fireplace. When they entered the inn 5 years ago, scouting out a Hot Springs location for their wedding, Donna knew immediately that this was the place. Since then, these wonderful guests have become dear friends of Lookout Point.

Each year, Donna & Doug have returned to Lookout Point for their anniversary, and on other occasions. As a traditionalist, Doug wanted “their’ room each stay–the Romance Room, but with Donna’s encouraging they’ve also stayed in Evening Shade, Lakeview Terrace Condo, and the Hot Springs Room. These special guests have learned the names of every Lookout Point staff member. Donna & Doug provided consulting services to the inn, assisting Ray & Kristie in finding the perfect people to work at the iinn and share the mission & vision of the inn.

Happy Anniversary, Doug & Donna