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THERE’S A BEGUILING RHYTHM to days in Hot Springs, Arkansas: The way sunlight hits the Ouachita Mountains, a soft breeze across Lake Hamilton, and the burbling underground geology that gives this small city its name. At Lookout Point Lakeside Inn, this hypnotic backdrop sets your private stage for pampered romance, adventure and understated elegance.

Each room of our boutique inn overlooks the water, ignites the imagination and surrounds guests with fine linens and plush amenities. Visitors can cruise the lake, explore this unique locale, relax by the fire and indulge in our delicious appetizers, flatbreads, cocktails, fine wines, craft beers and desserts. Special attention to privacy and service stems from our roots as an upscale bed and breakfast.

Here, award-winning accommodations, decadent food, luscious libations and superb hospitality work in harmony with the natural sublime. Guests dare to live life to the fullest and discover the ultimate getaway: a primal, restorative sanctuary at rainbow’s end.

Feeling Spontaneous?

THERE’S NEVER BEEN a better time to discover Hot Springs. In midsummer, music festivals and food trucks create hives of excitement and creativity. Culinary adventures and Instagram-worthy vistas are waiting around every bend in the road. Lookout Point Lakeside Inn provides a front-row seat to the best of both worlds: vivid experiences and unbelievable tranquility.



Into the Sublime

EACH DAY STARTS with a longing gaze across Lake Hamilton. As the sun rises and mist lifts, the distant Ouachita Mountain foothills come into focus. Lookout Point Lakeside Inn is a place where nature disciples surround themselves with water, greenery, rock and sky. Our setting is an invitation to push and exhilarate yourself in the Great Outdoors—on foot, by boat and on two wheels.

the Sublime

Fall (Deeper) in Love

IT’S ALL ABOUT the time you share, unburdened by details and responsibilities. Lookout Point Lakeside Inn is where couples step away from the everyday and embrace here and now. Romantic dinners, summer sunsets and one-on-one adventures remind us how it all began.

Fall (Deeper)
in Love

Take a Chance

OPEN YOUR HEART to something thrilling. New love meets its match on Lake Hamilton, where couples bond and imagine the future—starting with a private, romantic getaway. Step outside your comfort zone and indulge in unforgettable experiences. Happily ever after? It’s too soon to say. But it’s never too late to try..

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