Delicious cuisine at the Lookout Point Inn


Chocolate-Covered Wednesdays

Breakfast Sundae, Yum!

Breakfast Sundae–Yum!

Celebrate the “food of the gods” every Wednesday at Lookout Point! If you’re a chocolate lover, this day is for YOU! Breakfast begins with bit of chocolate, such as Berry Breakfast Sundae featuring the inn’s homemade Glorious Granola, or perhaps the unique Arkansas specialty:  chocolate gravy served with warm biscuits.

The afternoon Innkeepers Reception provides  chocolate indulgence with:

  • homemade dessert
  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • Chocolate liqueur
  • plus an appetizer and wine/tea

Wednesdays, a terrific day for chocolate and love at Lookout Point.


Many of Kristie’s recipes may be found on her foodie website “Eight Broads In the Kitchen“. With 7 other fabulous innkeepers, this website is chock full of great recipes and cooking tips. The 8 Broads’ beautiful new cookbook is available at the website, or by calling the inn 501.525.6155.

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