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Cooking at Lookout Point in Hot Springs

July 16th, 2009 by Ray Rosset

The new Lookout Point cookbooks, “Abundant Gratitude II,”  have finally arrived.  The first “Abundant Gratitude” appeared in 2004.  Over the years new recipes have been served for breakfast, and guest began requesting that another cookbook should be made.  So Kristie created a second collection of yummy recipes.  This cookbook reflects the nature of the life and work at Lookout Point. 

New cookbooks can be purchased for $18 at the inn, or you can call the inn at 501-525-6155 and we would be delighted to mail you an “Abundant Gratitude II.”

We look forward to sharing our new recipes with you.  Let us know what your favorite Lookout Point recipe is.  We would love to hear about it!


Increasing Amenities in a Down Economy

February 22nd, 2009 by Ray Rosset

Canoe on Lake Hamilton
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Luxury hotel chains recently made the news with announcements of eliminating specific amenities in order to cut costs. That just doesn’t make sense to us at Lookout Point. Instead, our guests find ever-improving amenities and services at the inn. Our mission: to provide every guest a sanctuary for peace & tranquility, luxury, and comprehensive pampering.

Here are a few of the new items we’ve added since the economy started taking a nosedive last fall:
* Melodious Morning Breakfast every Sunday. The menu includes mimosas (we’ve never before served mimosas), roasted pineapple & friends, Huevos Trifecta (eggs served over proscuitto & English muffins with cream sauce), sausage links, steamed vegetables, and poppyseed bread.
* With continuing efforts to protect the environment, amenity pump bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and lotion were installed.
* New this week: classy ceramic “Do Not Disturb” Signs for every room
* New black wash cloths with white embroidery that read “makeup”
* Converting our excellent cotton high thread count sheets to new microfiber sheets that feel like sleeping on silk
* Converting TV/VCR’s to flat panel TV’s with DVD players (at this time, 8 of the 13 rooms now have flat panel TV/DVD)
* Perhaps most importantly, we now provide 24 hour concierge/innkeeping coverage in the office.

We believe that tough times require better service and amenities for our precious guests–not less! Come to Lookout Point, unwind and experience the best. You deserve a break from the stress and challenges of our time.

Kristie Rosset

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