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Bird Watching Paradise at Lookout Point

April 27th, 2010 by Ray Rosset

Yesterday we welcomed an ornithologist to Lookout Point.  Within an hour of his arrival at the inn, David spotted :

  • Canada Goose
  • mallard
  • great blue heron
  • turkey vulture
  • mourning dove
  • chimney swift
  • bank swallow
  • barn swallow
  • purple martin
  • red-headed woodpecker
  • tufted titmouse
  • American robin
  • cedar waxwing
  • great crested flycatcher
  • blue jay
  • northern cardinal
  • red-winged blackbird
  • brown-headed cowbird
  • common grackle (these could go away!)
  • rose-breasted grosbeak
  • song sparrow
  • chipping sparrow
  • house finch
  • house sparrow
  • carolina wren

Many of the birds are now nesting on the property, including the mallards.  Watching the birds helps me to not take life too seriously.  Somehow, I feel lighter.  Thank you, David, for identifying some of our feathered friends.


Easter Scenes from Lookout Point, Hot Springs

April 10th, 2010 by Ray Rosset

Guests and staff of Lookout Point Lakeside Inn celebrated the Risen Christ at a sunrise service, held on the lakeside labyrinth at the inn.  The beautiful still morning harkened the good news, accompanied by a chorus of singing birds, ducks, and geese.

A gorgeous day on Lake Hamilton.

Muses Creativity Week Enjoys Tea at Lookout Point

April 3rd, 2010 by Ray Rosset

Lookout Point Lakeside In hosted the participants of the Muses Creativity Week for high tea and a labyrinth walk last Sunday.  While sipping on tea and savoring scones, the group delighted to the amazing music of Shana Norton, harpist from Austin, Texas.  This was a first for the inn–the soothing harp melodies wafting throughout.  Shana treated us to one of her own compositions, entitled “Spa Day” written after a day of relaxation at a Hot Springs bath house.   What a blissful moment!

The Muses, under the direction of talented Deleen Davidson, is a creative artistry project, blending fine art, classical music, and creative education.  The Spring Creativity Week embraced art, music, poetry, and dance.   How appropriate to end a dynamic and creative week with a walk on the labyrinth, offering a time of centering and peace.  Thank you, Muses!


The Muses

Sure Sign of Spring’s Arrival at Lookout Point Inn

March 27th, 2010 by Ray Rosset

For five years Ricky and Lucy have arrived by mid-March.  Last week we wondered, where are they?   These lovely mallards returned to their summer “home” in time to delight guests at the Innkeeper’s Reception on Friday.

Each year, these two become a bit more brave, although as you can tell from the photo Lucy still does not like to have photos taken.   This morning, they dined below the bird feed while guests enjoyed their breakfast.  Then off to the waterfalls & our pond for a swim and nap.

Ricky & Lucy aren’t talking about their trip, nor why they arrived more than a week late.  We’re left guessing.  And grateful for their appearance and the wonderful rhythm of life.


NPCC Hospitality Class Tours Lookout Point

March 3rd, 2010 by Ray Rosset

Warm monster cookies, chock full of chocolate chips and M&M’s, and friendly smiles greeted the students.   The National Park Community College hospitality class, led by chef and instructor Karla Nardi, toured Lookout Point Lakeside Inn this week.  The viviacious class took notes and asked lots of questions, with an exam following later in the week.

From questions about marketing to design, breakfast menus to environmental issues, the students eagerly  soaked up the information.  One of the students, making a career change, actually worked on the construction of Lookout Point 8 years ago!  We love sharing our story of becoming innkeepers, and we heartily encourage the students to pursue their passion.

Culinary Class for Innkeepers at Rockefeller Institute

February 22nd, 2010 by Ray Rosset

Lookout Point innkeepers Ray, Annette, and Kristie are attending the statewide Bed and Breakfast Association of Arkansas Conference 2010, kicking off with a lively cooking class.  Held at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute high atop Petit Jean Mountain, the center provides a state of the art culinary and meeting facility.    The institute chefs demo’d Deconstructed Eggs Benedict, Roesti (a potato dish from Sweden), candied bacon, and breakfast parfait using baked oatmeal.    The eager innkeepers then gathered in the cooking lab to test our hands at the dishes.  The noise level soared, with 25 chefs seeking pots, preferred knives, and of course different spices to add our own take on the recipes.

And then we tasted the creations…yum!  We’ll definintely be adding Deconstructed Eggs Benedict to the Lookout Point menus.  Ray conquered his hollandaise fears!  And Annette’s Candied Bacon tasted divine.

Jan. 15 Birthday Celebrations at Lookout Point

January 9th, 2010 by Ray Rosset

CMartin Luther King, Jr.ome celebrate birthdays with cake and refreshments on January 15!  It’s a big day:  the hero of my childhood, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have turned 81 on January 15.  That’s reason enough to celebrate.  His life and his death had a big impact upon me and our country!

As a child moving to Arkansas during the days of segregation, I felt in my soul the pain of separation and prejudice based upon color.  I didn’t understand the separate drinking fountains and entrances.  Hearing Dr. King speak, stirrings of hope and truth rang clear. 

Believing that all life is a gift, I think the day of our births are worthy of celebration.  January 15 is also my birthday, and I’m honored to have been born on Martin Luther King’s day! 

I invite you to come stay at Lookout Point, have a slice of celebratory cake and a glass of wine or tea, and share a dream.  I hope to see you on my birthday.  :)


Holiday Tip from Lookout Point

December 19th, 2009 by Ray Rosset

PoinsettiasHere’s an easy trick for keeping poinsettias looking fresh and beautiful for the entire month, and beyond.  Ice.  That’s it.  Simply place 1/2 cup of ice on each poinsettia in place of water.  Do not even think about watering these beautiful plants!

I learned this trick years ago when serving the church, and we had hundreds of poinsettias.  Most of the plants die, or begin looking wilted, from too much water.  They don’t like wet feet.  The ice slowly melts, providing a more constant source of nourishment.

Almost daily guests ask how we keep the poinsettias looking so lovely, and we’ve had the flowers for 3 weeks already.  Sometimes I think if I know something, then the entire world probably knows it.  Yet I’m learning this tip may not be so widely known.

I would love to hear your helpful hints for the holidays!  What makes your life a wee bit easier this month?


Christmas Joy and Gift Certificates

December 8th, 2009 by Ray Rosset

Christmas at Lookout Point Lookout Point Christmas treeEach year the Lookout Point’s Christmas decor changes, and becomes even more beautiful.  These photos don’t adequately display the feel of the inn in this holiday season!  Yet the decor certainly puts us in the mood for celebrating.

Today we hosted the area innkeepers for a Christmas luncheon:  a fun time of sharing food, ideas, and gratitude for each other.

If you don’t have your Christmas shopping finished, please consider a gift certificate to stay at Lookout Point Lakeside Inn.  The certificates may be customized for you, and are available in any amount.   The certificates make perfect gifts for the parents who have everything, or your adult children that need time away from stress, Lookout Point is the perfect answer.  Of perhapsy you would like to truly honor a boss or employee with a special gift.  We would be honored to assist with you holiday shopping in this way.  Just give us a call at 501-525-6155 or tollfree 866-525-6155 to order your gift certificate.

Red Hat Luncheon at Lookout Point

December 3rd, 2009 by Ray Rosset

The Babes of Wine and RosesWafting through the inn today were the peals of laughter, carols sung in three part harmony, and the delicious scent of maple praline bread pudding baking.

These wonderful women, The Babes of Wine & Roses, celebrated time together with a luncheon at Lookout Point.  The organizer, Kit, commented in an e-mail to Lookout Point: 

Dear Kristie & Ray, On behalf of The Babes of Wine and Roses, many thanks for a terrific luncheon today.  We all agreed that you have a charming Inn and it was so much fun to take your tour.  Our luncheon was a great success due to your gracious hospitality.  Thank you for making this one terrific Christmas party for our group. We will definitely be letting our neighbors know what a gem you have there and also other Red Hat groups in The Village.  Thanks again.
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