Master Gardener

master gardener Originally uploaded by lookoutpointinn. Congratulations to Saralynn, the marvelous gardener of Lookout Point Lakeside Inn. In her fourth season of tenderly caring for the gardens, Saralynn has just completed certification as Master Gardener! Way to go! 101 Things to Do at Lookout Point

First Annual Easter Sunrise Service at Lookout Point 2007

First Annual Easter Sunrise Service at Lookout Point 2007 Originally uploaded by lookoutpointinn. Finally, we figured out how to celebrate worship in an Easter Sunrise Service AND have a glorious breakfast ready to serve guests at 8:00am! Kristie & Ray Rosset, innkeepers

Birdwatching at Lookout Point on Lake Hamilton

Birdwatching at Lookout Point on Lake Hamilton Originally uploaded by lookoutpointinn. A recent guest, Michel, took this photo sitting in the gardens of Lookout Point. Bluejays, woodpeckers, finches, cardinal, doves and more birds come to feast in the abundance of the inn. Lake Hamilton and the Ouachita Mountains are in the background.

Oh My Goodness!! Look at that view! No wonder we are know for our local artisans here in Arkansas. Who could help but to be inspired by this scene? I was so blessed to grow up on Lake Hamilton in this community which loves and endeavors to share the natural beauty and warmth of our … Read More

Good Afternoon. This is our first blog post, and hopefully the initiation of many wonderful and enlightening comments. We invite all of our guests to utilize this blog space as a comment or suggestion box. It is our goal here at Lookout Point to provide our guests with exceptionally personalized service and an incredibly relaxing, … Read More